At Brisbane Grammar School the study of Art combines a diverse range of approaches to art-making with real depth in analytical art appreciation. Through the study of Art, students develop a critical and visually literate view of their own place in and relationship to the world.

All students study Art through to Year 10, engaging their hands and minds in creating visually expressive and creative art works using both two and three dimensional media. This is supported by active engagement with the rich heritage of the visual arts through critical analysis and evaluation via assignment work.

In the senior years, Visual Art is an elective subject where students engage with a wide variety of contemporary and traditional art forms and media, contributing to the development of individual creativity and providing career pathways to design oriented professions.

The course of study enables students to work with and master the following media:

  • painting
  • sculpture
  • photographic arts
  • drawing
  • ins​​tallation​ 
  • video art
  • printmaking
  • graphic design
  • electronic imaging
​Learning takes place in the Centre for Art which provides excellent facilities, including a gallery space, a digital imaging facility, a sculpture workshop and several art studios.

Students also engage with art in the community through an active program of gallery visits and an artist-in-residence program. The extensive school collection and annual Art Show provide excellent exemplars for student learning and serve to represent the important place of the visual arts in a Grammar education.

The Head of Art is Ms​ Angela Brown

T +61 7 3834 5238