​Through their study of English at Brisbane Grammar School, students develop proficiency in their language use and sophistication in their thinking. Literacy in and for the 21st century requires engagement with a diverse range of texts, from canonical classics to digital narratives. Students in English develop the capacity not only to think, write and speak with precision and clarity, but to use vastly different textual sources and forms in creative and imaginative ways. 

The English Department designs learning experiences that allow students to:

  • develop confidence in written and spoken expression and a love of reading

  • use language deftly in a variety of social contexts and for a range of audiences

  • express opinions and refine judgements using informed, critical approaches

  • develop a sense of scholarship and pride in their work

  • appreciate and respond to challenging literature and ideas

  • develop essential skills in visual, digital and network literacy.

Opportunities for exte​nded engagement with specialist areas of interest, particularly in writing and speaking, are also available to students through a range of camps, workshops and competitions.

The Head of English is Mr Gregory Howes

T +61 7 3834 5258