​The study of history at Brisbane Grammar School provides students with challenging and satisfying opportunities to:

  • develop a critical appreciation of their heritage and an interest in the past

  • develop intellectual skills to enhance higher order thinking and complex reasoning

  • empathise with the experiences and values of others so that students can become effective and informed citizens.

An understanding of our history has always been one of the distinguishing features of an educated person and history has always been one of the disciplines central to the liberal academic curriculum for which Brisbane Grammar School is renowned.

In a period of rapid change, history allows us to slip the boundaries of our own time and gain a unique perspective on timeless issues. By looking at a range of historical problems and engaging with them, we hope to equip our students for both the present and the future, for both local and global concerns.

The History Department affords students the opportunity to study a broad range of modern and ancient periods of history: early societies; Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome; colonial and modern Australia; early and modern Europe; Indigenous societies of Asia and South America; The USA; and local and school history. Students also explore political, economic and social history and examine the great ideas that have shaped human destiny.

Students have the opportunity to develop their ability to:

  • gather and organise information

  • make decisions and solve problems

  • form and articulate arguments

  • test validity and detect bias

  • become informed global citizens.

They demonstrate these abiliti​es through analysing historical sources, writing effective essays, conducting research inquiries and constructing multi-modal presentations. By connecting with our past in what we learn and by connecting with each other in how we learn, we can better understand the present and better shape the future.

The Acting Head of History is Mr ​Nigel Bean​

+61 7 3834 5268

E history@brisbanegrammar.com