‚ÄčThe academically rigorous mathematics environment of Brisbane Grammar School is a challenging one, but is carefully structured so as to enable all students to gain a sense of achievement and build a solid foundation in number, algebra and geometry and other core mathematical topics. Students follow a traditional disciplinary course strongly supported by learning technologies. Mathematics classrooms are equipped with electronic whiteboards which provide students immediate views of and access to information from textbook displays, websites and software, teacher written solutions and further documents and resources useful for advancing students' understanding and learning.

All students undertake the study of Advanced Mathematics in Years 5 to10 and the study of Mathematics A, B and C is available in the senior years. All students study the same course from Years 5 to 10, with the ACARA advanced 10A Mathematics course incorporated as Year 10 extension work. Students then select one of Mathematics A or B for Years 11 and 12. The option of doing the more advanced Mathematics C course, in addition to Mathematics B, is also available.

Course outlines are provided electronically and students can gain quick access to a variety of traditional and digital resources from home or school via MyGrammar. Teachers can also provide access to their written lessons and revision materials by class or even to whole year levels. Supplementary online programs offer additional assistance to students, by correcting their responses and providing complete solutions. With these programs students can work at their own pace, and the classroom teacher will offer guidance as to completion times.

An experienced teacher of Mathematics conducts each of the classes and guides students through the topics. Assessment is typically through year level examination once per term, with mandatory alternative assessment types set in each semester of Years 11 and 12.

There are a variety of external competitions for individuals and groups to extend their knowledge , demonstrate their ability and find further challenge in Mathematics.

The Head of Mathematics is Mr Anthony Mewing

T +61 7 3834 5263