​The Music Department of Brisbane Grammar School encourages and equips students to become the best musicians they possibly can be. In doing this, music becomes a highly valued component of their lives both at school and beyond the classroom. As a consequence, students develop skills in the areas of socialisation, self-expression and creativity, critical and subjective thinking, concentration and self-discipline. They become more confident and better able to recognise their worth to society and the worth of others in a global community.

The study of Music is an important learning experience for all, and therefore:

  • All students in Years 5 and 6 enjoy weekly classroom music lessons in their own Middle School music classroom.

  • All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 study music for one semester as part of a broad range of experiences in the arts

  • In Year 10 students can elect to study Music as a specialist discipline. Lessons occur three times each week.

  • Music remains a popular subject of choice for students in Years 11 and 12.

Students will be exposed to a range of musical styles and repertoire from classical to jazz to rock. They will listen to recordings, read about this music, write in response to the music, discuss the musical characteristics, research related topics, attend concerts and view video presentations. Through these activities they will develop their knowledge of music theory and develop their aural skills.

Students will also sing as a class, play instruments (classroom and their own) and learn how to conduct. A specially equipped keyboard laboratory complements the students' work in this area. Students are also encouraged to participate in the School's extensive Instrumental and Vocal Tuition Program.

Students are encouraged to find their own creative voice by exploring the concept of sound and organising these sounds into a composition through the manipulation of musical elements such as timbre, pitch, rhythm, volume and harmony. To assist them in this work, a large and modern computer laboratory with the most up-to-date notation software is available for the exclusive use of music students.

Extensive co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities are also available:

  • Composers' Camp - a week-long retreat allowing advanced students to develop as young composers with the guidance of a composer-in-residence.

  • Instrumental and Vocal Tuition Program - lessons are available with specialist teachers on the full range of musical instruments (including voice) either in groups or on an individual basis.

  • Performance Prog​ram – Brisbane Grammar is known throughout the nation for the excellence of their performance ensembles. A huge range of groups (including orchestras, choirs, concert bands, jazz groups and many chamber ensembles) cater​ing for all levels of experience complement the students' classroom performance work.

The Head of Music is Mr Peter Ingram

+61 7​ 3834 5248


For general enquiries please contact Music Administrator Ms Miranda Ward

T +61 7 3834 5370