Courses and Electives

​​​​​​Brisbane Grammar School is committed to providing its learners with an academic, discipline-based curriculum that develops breadth and depth of knowledge and higher-order thinking . Our pedagogy encompasses the best elements of both traditional and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.​

Years 7 to 10

Across Years 7 to 10, boys study a set of subjects which meet the requirements of the ACARA national curriculum and which prepare them for the demands of Senior.

In Year 7, all students are enrolled in English, Mathemat​ics, Science, History, Physical Education, a modern language (one of German, French, Chinese and Japanese), Latin, Geography, Music, Art, Drama, and Design & Technology Studies.

In Year 8, students take English, Mathematics, Science, History, a modern language (continuing with one of German, French, Chinese and Japanese), Geography, Physical Education, Music, Art, Drama and Design & Technology Studies.

In Year 9, students continue studying  English, Science, Mathematics and History; either a modern language (one of Chinese, French, German or Japanese) or the study of Latin; Geography; Physical Education; Art; Drama; Music and Design & Technology Studies.

Year 10 sees students continuing with the core subjects: English, Science, Mathematics, History and Physical Education; students also elect to study a language (the continuing study of one of Chinese, French, German, Japanese or Latin) OR Geography; and enrol in two of: Art; Drama; Music and/or Design & Technology Studies.

In Years 11 and 12 boys construct a course of study from a range of subjects which are designed and moderated by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), formerly the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA). Students will normally study six QCAA subjects for a total of four semesters in each.

All boys are required to study English and at least one mathematics subject. A balanced course consistent with the School's philosophy of a liberal education must be maintained throughout the senior years of study; a completely maths and science-focused course, for instance, is not permitted. The School's languages policy does not permit students who demonstrate significant background expertise or prior learning in a language to choose that language for study in Years 11 and 12.​

In Years 11 and 12, students study English and five other QCAA subjects, plus Physical Education. QCAA subjects are studied for four periods per week. QCAA requirements demand that at least three subjects (including English) must be studied over four semesters in order to qualify for an Overall Position score. Some tertiary institutions and courses also have specific pre-requisites.

During the second half of Year 10, paren​ts and students are fully briefed by the Deputy Headmaster – Teaching and Learning, the Director of Student Services and the Dean of Studies on the principles involved in subject selection for Years 11 and 12. Important people for students to also consult with when making subject choices include their Head of Year and the relevant Heads of Department.

A student's choices should be determined by:

  • interest, ability and strengths

  • academic record

  • tertiary entrance requirements.

​Students select their six subjects from the following list, consistent with the principles outlined above:
English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Geography, Economics, Modern History, Earth Science, Music, Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Mathematics C, Biological Science, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Ancient History, Drama, Physical Education, Technology Studies.

For members of the Grammar community, more detail about each subject is provided on MyClasses. For potential students of BGS who require further detail about these subjects, please access the links to each Academic Department at the left or contact the Director of Enrolments.