Physical Education

​The Brisbane Grammar School Physical Education Department aims to provide opportunities for students to improve as intelligent performers and as lifelong learners. In Years 5 to 10, students will undertake a 'play practice' approach, which focuses on both tactical and technical development. This approach develops intelligent performance focusing not only on tactical understanding but the development of technique, strategies and rules. In the Senior School core program, students are involved in more alternative and recreational pursuits. However, teamwork and acceptance of individual strengths and weaknesses still remain a major focus.

To enable the further development of intelligent performance, sports have been categorised according to similar tactical elements. The sports categories are currently:

  • Invasion games – both end ball types ( e.g. touch football); and target types (e.g. basketball)

  • Court divided games – e.g. tennis and volleyball

  • Striking and fielding games – e.g. cricket; and target games – e.g. bowls

  • Individual - e.g. swimming; and artistic – e.g. gymnastics.

Despite the apparent differences in the sports, the first three categories have similar tactical and technical requirements. However, the individual and artistic sports depend more upon technical or skill development than tactical abilities, and the programs reflect these differences.

Theoretical tasks are also completed in the core program developing the concept of 'rich tasks', involving both theoretical and practical el​ements. These theory tasks aim to increase student awareness of sociological, physiological and biomechanical principles as well as preparing students for entry into the specialised QCAA course offered in Senior.​

Assessment in Physical Education recognises all categories of sports undertaken, their theoretical components and a commitment to lifelong learning and involvement through participation.

The QCAA Senior course involves the integration of practical and theoretical topics and is studied four lessons per week. This course is a popular one in which BGS​ students have consistently attain excellent standards.

The Head of Physical Education is Mr John Clancy

T +61 7 3834 5338