​​The Brisbane Grammar Science Program endeavours to develop in all students the ability to acquire and develop high level scientific reasoning and thinking skills, specifically in order to prepare them with the skills necessary to participate in a technologically advanced world and to engage actively in scientific endeavours throughout their lives. The Science Curriculum at BGS:​

  • is student-centred and inquiry-based

  • develops creativity, imagination and problem solving skills in all students

  • is inspiring, challenging and authentic

  • allows for mastery of the technological skills necessary for the 21st century

  • develops the scientific literacy of ​students

  • enables an awareness of both the power and limitations of science

  • encourages and prepares students for further study and careers in science.

​The focus of the Junior Science Program is to develop a curriculum which encompasses the above aims as well as incorporating the Dimensions of Learning complex reasoning processes, the Habits of Mind and digital and information technologies.

In the Senior School, students can develop a course of study that includes a range of specialist scientific disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics are all popular subjects. These disciplines ensure that students not only acquire necessary specialist knowledge but also develop deeper conceptual understandings, the processes of scientific investigation and application of techniques, and key thinking and communication skills. A wide range of opportunities for practical, field and extension work is also available to students.

The Head of Science is Mr John Atkins

T +61 7 3834 5309​