Technology Studies

​Our rapidly changing world requires educators to prepare students to understand the process of change and to engage positively and creatively with it. Local and global issues are continually demanding responses from our designers, technologists and engineers, and we look to them to provide tangible solutions to critical infrastructure and systems problems. Design and Technology Studies emulates these challenges contextually and asks students to react to 'real' situations.

Design and Technology Studies at Brisbane Grammar School enacts the foundational principles of the QCAA Syllabus, involving students in designing, engineering and producing innovative and creative products. These products are referred to as artifacts, processes, systems and environments. The study requires students to identify and analyse a need, want or opportunity, informed by a context, investigate and select appropriate resources that may resolve a design solution, devise and implement a plan or strategy, produce a creative response and evaluate the outco​mes, impacts and outputs. Students engage w​ith a range of intellectual challenges using high order thinking skills to develop real and practical products.

Design and Technology Studies is a course that directs students to seek alternatives to problems. It investigates the nature and functions of available resources through the application of inquiry, design and problem solving methodologies. It requires students to identify and understand a problem or need, select appropriate resources and strategies that may solve that problem, implement a plan and evaluate the outcomes. Students are encouraged to be active participants in invention and innovation. They are exposed to a range of intellectual challenges while developing solutions to problems. Design and​ Technology Studies is especially relevant in assisting students to cope with present and future technological changes.

The Head of Design & Technology Studies is Mr Jamie Foulger

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