Course of Study

Middle School students follow a curriculum designed to satisfy a number of objectives including:

  • meeting the requirements of ACARA syllabus documents

  • operating within the BGS curriculum frameworks Dimensions of Learning and Habits of Mind

  • integrating appropriate technologies to create a blended learning environment

  • achieving appropriate horizontal and vertical integration of learning

  • providing for the specialised interests and learning styles of boys.

As with other aspects of the Middle School, the nature of courses offered is designed to support a measured transition for students from a primary school to a secondary school approach to learning. They are also cognisant of a major intake of students in Year 7 and the preparation necessary for the transition to Year 9 and higher level study.

Years 5 and 6

Students undertake a core course of study, comprised of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. These are taught by two Core Teachers who are paired with two classes both for academic and student welfare purposes. Over two years, students are introduced to a modern language (Spanish) and also take courses in Art, Drama, Design & Technology Studies, Music and Physical Education, all of which are taught by specialist teachers. Students generally learn in their home room except when accessing specialised facilities (such as in Art).

Year 7​​

Students continue their study of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. They also undertake the study of Latin for one semester and specialise in one of the modern languages, the study of which continues through to Year 9. Art, Music, Drama and Design & Technology operate as a core group of creative and performance oriented subjects which are studied in rotation for one semester each from Year 7. While students are still taught multiple subjects by Core Teachers, often in their home room, greater movement and diversity of teachers becomes an essential component of each student's preparation for the transition to high school.