Philosophy and Structure

Brisbane Grammar School recognises middle schooling as a most critical phase in the cognitive, physical and emotional development of its students. Naturally curious about an increasingly complex world, with a capacity for abstract thought, a strong sense of justice and the need for a well-developed sense of identity, early adolescent boys thrive in an environment which is both challenging and nurturing.

The tripartite focus of the Middle School encourages students to develop resilience while establishing positive and respectful relationships through a balanced involvement in academic, pastoral, extracurricular and sporting pursuits. In the Middle School, the development of the whole individual is promoted through the underlying values and traditions of a school culture which seeks to promote a passion for learning and the creation of lifelong habits and rigours that will enable our students to actively participate in the knowledge society of the future.

It is a priority of the Middle School to provide a program which offers exciting possibilities where students are encouraged to explore topics relevant to them, to identify a purpose for engagement through goals which are meaningful and clearly defined, and to engage in critical thinking and reflection as a natural progression. A careful balance is maintained between independence and interdependence where learning styles and ‘multiple intelligences’ are fostered through the utilisation of a range of instructional techniques. By providing boys with explicit and concrete guidance in the development of key skills and organisational strategies, students are encouraged to develop as autonomous learners with a capacity for resourcefulness, problem solving and an ability to adapt to the challenges of a changing world.

Effective cognitive development also demands that attention is paid to the general social and personal development of the boys in our care. Their comfort, confidence and general sense of acceptance and well-being are critical elements in a safe and positive transition through adolescence. We are very fortunate to be able to deliver our educational program in a separate purpose-built facility that features large, well-lit, airy rooms (supported by air-conditioning), which are fully equipped with comfortable furnishings and state-of-the-art technology. Middle School students also enjoy separate play areas and access to specialist facilities.

The classrooms are arranged in a paired configuration that incorporates a separate office area for teacher preparation. Middle School teachers have a strong commitment to the pastoral care of students and they spend considerable time and energy creating a safe, nurturing classroom environment where the boys feel a strong sense of belonging. Our classrooms are stimulating places to be and they offer individual locker space, extra quiet reading areas, group work areas and kitchen facilities.

Each teaching ‘pod’ comprises two Core Teachers who share responsibility for delivering the core part of the academic program to both classes. The Core Teachers also take on the role of Form Tutors, each taking one of the classes and assuming responsibility for the welfare of students, administrative matters and delivery of the Personal Development Program.

The Middle School sporting program provides a safe and well-structured experience for all abilities and motivations, with both elite and recreational sport catered for. Put quite simply, there is a level of involvement for everyone. For intra-school sporting competition, the students in the Middle School are divided into four ‘wings’ – North Wing, South Wing, East Wing and West Wing. Throughout the year there are a number of seasonal sporting carnivals that focus primarily on fun and participation.