In an age defined by connectivity and global collaboration, the Brisbane Grammar School libraries aim to empower and transform learners by providing opportunities for critical thinking, meaningful creation of knowledge and a deeper understanding of complex world issues.

This is achieved by connec​ting learners to high quality resources, and engaging them in rich and meaningful tasks in a collaborative environment. With rapid and constant change, where content is quickly out-dated, the process of accessing, critically evaluating and appropriately using information is fundamental to a student’s success in a 21st century, information-based world.

By making them aware of the consequences of their online behaviour, students will become ethical and responsible internet users, with an appreciation of the long-term benefits of creating a positive digital presence.

Our students are exposed to and engage in stories in many different forms. The Middle School, Centenary and Senior Libraries all offer vibrant reading and literature programs which develop students' literacy and foster their love of reading.

For our wider learning community, our library blog, The Pulse, shares the many different library programs and initiatives, while our Library webpages provide access to quality information to assist students with their information needs.​