Our Learning Priorities

​Brisbane Grammar School’s academic vision, as articulated in the whole school strategic plan, is to achieve national leadership in innovative, research-driven teaching and learning practice. At Grammar we have a strong record of innovation in pedagogy, enabled by a culture of cooperation and teamwork amongst staff and students, all directed towards the singular aim of making us, individually and institutionally, the best learners that we can be.

To this end we have established four essential Teaching and Learning Priorities which inform all of our planning and practice from Years 5 through to 12:

  1. To improve the quality and effectiveness of our teaching through the continuous development of our capacity to identify and analyse relevant data and then intervene positively in the learning process

  2. To practise ongoing curriculum auditing and renewal, as the foundation for teaching that is effective and innovative is the explicit engagement and development of complex reasoning in our students

  3. To develop and grow our institutional research capacity, specifically in the area of pedagogical practice and the concomitant creation of a classroom culture for learning

  4. To design and implement blended learning experiences for students that employ technology and space in innovative ways and thereby ensure that curriculum delivery at Grammar is adaptive and transformative.

Brisbane Grammar School’s academic structures actively enable these priorities, with staff collaborating in teams both within and across disciplines and across the Middle and Senior Schools. For our students, the modelling of collaborative, lifelong learning by our teachers is an essential element of the Grammar experience.