Academic Learning

Brisbane Grammar School believes in cultivating a learning culture rich in intellectual challenge, engagement and support. Developing multi-literate students who are critical, reflective and creative thinkers in an environment of professional collaboration and exemplary instructional practice is our core mission. The academic program at Grammar is a carefully structured  and coherent embodiment of the principles of a liberal education. A Grammar education is one where boys have opportunities to develop critical intelligence, imaginative and creative powers, effective communication and the capacity and enthusiasm for independent, lifelong learning.

The academic results attained by the students of Brisbane Grammar School, especially in terms of consistency and high-end achievement, are remarkable for a non-selective boys school. The foundations of the School’s academic curriculum which guide the teaching and learning at Brisbane Grammar include:

  • the School’s Academic Mission, in particular the commitment to liberal education

  • the learning frameworks Dimensions of Learning and Habits of Mind

  • the explicit development in students of multiple literacies

  • the use of digital platforms to enable and enhance student understanding.

At Grammar, students are challenged to extend themselves as learners. They acquire the ability to move flexibly between learning environments: didactic, collaborative and independent. Unbound from the physical constraints of classrooms, students connect with knowledge and learners from around the globe. Most importantly, students develop and practise the critical and creative dispositions that enable self directed and self aware learning.

This section of the Brisbane Grammar School website describes our learning frameworks, teachers and academic departments. In doing so, it emphasises the School’s deliberate focus on learning, thinking, literacy, use of ICT as a learning tool and understanding which lies at the heart of the academic program.