​The rich extracurricular life at Brisbane Grammar School embraces sport, the visual and performing arts (including music, art and drama) and a range of other cultural activities and special interest clubs.

​Extracurricular involvement in the wide variety of activities available is seen as central in the student’s overall development and in his development as a member of the Grammar community, promoting connectedness, skills in teamwork and, potentially, leadership.

The School encourages both high levels of participation and the pursuit of excellence by boys who have talents in particular sports and activities.

The program aims to develop students’ skills and to fulfil their potential for intelligent performance while also providing important opportunities for them to both explore and extend their talents whilst gaining greater self-knowledge and awareness.

The extracurricular program is enriched by the involvement of the boys, staff, parents and Old Boys, all of whom are committed to maintaining and building this enduring tradition within the BGS community.

Please explore our pages on sport, the visual and performing arts, and clubs and activities where you will find there is most certainly ‘something for everyone’.