Athletic Development Program

​​The charter of the Athletic Development Program at Brisbane Grammar School is to deliver programs which bring about a graduated, functional pathway of physical d​evelopment and fundamental movement skill progression.

The Athletic Development Program was implemented at BGS in 2008 with the objective of physically preparing students to compete at GPS competitions in flagship teams and championship sports.

A physically active culture promoting athletic qualities and achievement is fostered through the Physical Activity Time (P.A.T.) program in the Middle School. The continued development of athletic qualities and physical preparation through sporting pathways is built on a foundation of sustainable and progressive training programs. Various training methods and training loads are integrated and imposed with measured application, considering factors such as individual training age, sport specific experience and requirements, and maturation.

The objective of the Athletic Development Program is to provide targeted physical preparation programs that apply current research with good old fashioned hard work. It's a very simple approach aimed at getting the basics of 'learning how to train' right. Sport Science graduates specialising in strength and conditioning work alongside the sport directors and coaches in preparing and implementing (strength/speed/conditioning/flexibility) programs, testing and measuring adaptations, as well as integrating educational streams aimed at developing the whole athlete.

Some examples include:

  • The P.A.T. program for Middle School students guides boys through a series of modules such as ​yoga, body weight strength circuits, movement puzzles, and balance and locomotion drills.
  • The weights room isn't just about lifting weights. It's a training centre where boys work on developing a range of physical characteristics that provide the foundation of athletic development – strength, balance, stability, mobility, jumping ability, speed and explosiveness. Boys are coached by qualified strength and conditioning coaches and sport science graduates, who possess a solid understanding of the principals of strength and conditioning, exercise prescription, and biomechanics (specifically relating to safe and effective exercise technique). As boys demonstrate a commitment to their training and progress through their program, they will continue to receive advice and direction on the most suitable program to follow for their age, level of experience, technical ability and sporting interests.
  • Fitness testing (strength, power, speed, agility, aerobic, body composition) is conducted on groups and teams through preparation and competition phases of seasons to measure training adaptations and performance gains. All data is entered and analysed through our athlete management database – Smartabase.
  • Educational based initiatives to sporting communities on such things as performance nutrition, preparation and recovery strategies, training manuals and technical posters.

All enquiries regarding the Athletic Development Program should be directed to the Director of Athletic Development.

The Director of Athletic Development​ is Mr Jamie Youngson 

Email: jamie.youngson@brisbanegr​​​