​The School has a proud tradition in gymnastics, from winning the inaugural GPS Championships in 1916 to being the school to win the most GPS Championships, including over the past few years. Classes are offered to members of the BGS community (Years 5 to 12) and to the general public (through membership of the BGS Gymnastics Club – BGSGC).​

Gymnastics is a foundation sport that can prepare athletes for success in all sports.  It offers a range of benefits to participants through the development of strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline.  Boys involved in an effective gymnastics program will experience activities that will contribute to growth in all facets of their development.

Beginning gymnasts can experience gymnastic movements in a fun and safe environment through the  BGSGC  ‘recreational’ classes while in Years 5 to 7. These classes aim to increase the gymnasts’ strength and body awareness while developing them for GPS Gymnastics.

As gymnasts progress, they are able to move into the GPS competition squads (Years 8 to 12 only) or through the BGSGC. Training requirements increase so as to meet the strength and skill requirements of competitive gymnastics. Gymnasts compete in three divisions with each one having different requirements with Division1 being our top Division.

We also have a parent group called the MAGS group. The MAGS group is a team of interested parents who are prepared to raise the profile of the sport of gymnastics within the school community. MAGS does not actively fundraise but it provides assistance, support and information to the Master-in-Charge of Gymnastics, gymnasts and parents.

In season, further information including training times, coaches and photographs are available to the BGS community on MyGrammar.​​

The President of MAGS is Mrs Anne Wilson


The Master-in-Charge /Head Coach of Gymnastics is Mr Jack Coates

T +61 7 3834 5325