​Swimming sessions are offered to members of the Brisbane Grammar community (Years 5 – 12) and the general public (through membership of the BGS Swimming Club). Training is offered throughout most of the year in the School’s indoor heated pool. The Head Coach, Mr David Lush, oversees the preparation of all boys for GPS / BSA / QSA meets. Additional information can be found on MyGrammar or by contacting the Head Coach.

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The GPS swimming season runs from early November to early March. Training is a vital part of preparation for the GPS Championship, and boys seeking to represent the School are expected to train at the School at least 4 – 5 times per week. Those boys aiming to win selection in an individual event, particularly a distance event, should be training as many sessions per week as possible.

​​The swimming program operates out of the Aquatic Centre in the School’s Indoor Sports Centre. Sessions are offered for the GPS season from Monday – Saturday (6.00am – 7.50am) and Monday – Thursday (3.20pm – 5.00pm). The Friday and Saturday sessions are primarily technical sessions working on stroke, starts and finishes and it is therefore possible for boys to attend and still meet other sporting commitments. Compulsory age group sessions are held in the afternoon in weeks 2 – 5 of term 1.​

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Selection criteria for GPS teams centres around commitment to the team i.e. attitude, behaviour, and attendance at training and lead-up carnivals; performance; and other factors as observed by the coaching staff. The School’s swimming program values and seeks to acknowledge the efforts of all boys who participate in the sport. Accordingly, boys who demonstra​te high levels of commitment to training, attend all lead-up carnivals, swim at the School Championships and show appropriate attitudes and behaviour will be named as a reserve for the relevant team. Subject to other school responsibilities, reserves will be involved in all aspects of GPS preparation and will be entitled to a Sports Award and the noting of their involvement on their school report.

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​Head Coach of Swimming is Mr David Lush

T 0408 944 175

E david.lush@brisbanegrammar.com

Master-in-Charge of Swimming is Matt Logan

T +61 7 3834 5337

E gps.swimming@brisbanegrammar.com​