Community Service

​​Brisbane Grammar School has a fine tradition and commitment to community service. The Public Purpose Program offers meaningful, worthwhile and enjoyable opportunities for students to volunteer their time and energy in response to important humanitarian issues. The program also aims to provide worthwhile opportunities for students to learn and explore fundamental values of life, to develop their potentials in leadership, and enhance their overall personal characters.

​With compassion and community as the core principles of the program, the service committee participates in numerous and diverse projects, from hands on voluntary work to extensive fundraising activities. The Public Purpose Program not only has direct outcomes, but it seeks to enlighten and make students aware of the serious issues being faced throughout the world, be they local or international.

The Coordinator of Public Purpose and the service leaders work closely with the student body to develop meaningful relationships with charitable agencies so that they may altruistically service the needs of the wider community. BGS believes community service is a vital component of a holistic education and teaches students that they have a civil responsibility to their community.