Health Services

Under the direction of the Health Centre Manager, the School’s health services staff provide specialised practice that advances the wellbeing of day and boarding students. Health services offers medical care and education for staff and students.

The School nurses:

  • facilitate positive student responses to normal human development

  • promote health and safety in the school environment

  • intervene with actual and potential health problems

  • provide case management services

  • implement individual health care plans and emergency plans

  • work closely with other members of the student wellbeing t​eam.

The School’s health services are available to day students during school hours and to boarding students at all times.

Please note:

  • If your son has been diagnosed with Asthma and/or Anaphylaxis or allergies requiring treatment with medication, it is a requirement that an Asthma Action Plan and/or Action Plan for Allergies is provided to the School. Please contact the Health Centre for further details.

  • Any change in the medical condition of a student should be referred to the nursing staff. It is important that medical and contact information (including emergency contact details) are kept up to date. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to inform the School of any changes to a student’s medical condition. Medical records are maintained for each student during his years at the School to facilitate his treatment should the need arise.

  • Prescription Medication: The school nurse can assist with the administering of prescription medication when requested in writing by the parent/guardian as prescribed by the doctor. ​

The Health Centre Manager is Ms Karen Bramley

T +61 7 3834 5222