Student Wellbeing Programs

​The Student Wellbeing Program comprises lessons and activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and contribute to the realisation of personal aspirations.

Brisbane Grammar School has a comprehensive Student Wellbeing Program which is regularly reviewed by the Coordinator of Student Wellbeing Programs.

At each year level, boys experience programs that nurture their social, ethical, physical, intellectual and emotional development. Importantly, all teachers, through their role as Form Tutors and Core Teachers, are directly involved in the weekly delivery of the Student Wellbeing​ Program. They are often assisted by senior students who not only teach aspects of the program, but mentor and guide students in younger grades.

The Student Wellbeing Program is developed and written by the Coordinator of Student Wellbeing Programs. T​eachers with a keen interest in the program use their expertise to contribute to the vast number of student wellbeing topics. Their work is supported by nationally and internationally renowned guest speakers, who regularly present to the students, their parents and the teaching staff.

BGS is always ready to respond to the needs of the boys within an ever changing world. Our contemporary Student Wellbeing Program uses a diverse range of teaching and learning approaches.