Student Services

​​​​Student wellbeing is a priority at Brisbane Grammar School and the School provides counselling services to students in a confidential setting. Counselling staff include the Director of Student Services, a registered psychologist, and a registered social worker.

Counselling is provided in three ways:

  • Personal counselling

  • Career counselling

  • Academic counselling.​

​Personal Counselling

Counselling services vary according to need, but may be concerned with:

  • developmental and mental health issues

  • interpretation of educational and psychological reports

  • addressing and resolving specific problems

  • making decisions

  • coping with crisis

  • developing personal insights and knowledge 

  • improving relationships with others.

​Career Counselling

Careers services and education is a vital component of boys' discovering options and managing their future planning. The School ensures that every student has access to careers counselling to discuss tertiary aspirations and future goals. The Careers Room in The Lilley Centre houses comprehensive print resou​rces for senior students and includes full access to online resources. BGS utilises social networking to provide information about tertiary options via closed groups on Facebook and Twitter. Students and parents are encouraged to attend a series of events and information evenings which provide up to date information on post-school options.

Academic Counselling/Services

Academic Counselling is provided to students who may be experiencing difficulties with their studies. Discussion with a counsellor can assist students to identify their areas of difficulty and develop strategies to facilitate improvement in their academic performance.

The primary focus of Academic Services is to offer structured learning opportunities for students who may require additional assistance. The name ‘Academic Services’ reflects the cooperation between the Studies Directorate and student wellbeing​ areas of the School in the management of student learning. Academic Services incorporate areas such as students at risk, academic disadvantage, provisions for elite performers, policies for dealing with disability issues, unsatisfactory progress and special provisions.