Our Purpose

​​​Our Purpose

Brisbane Grammar School educates boys within a strong learning culture that is innovative yet respectful of its traditions, by nurturing their intellectual, physical and emotional well-being to become thoughtful and confident men of character who contribute to their communities.

Our Ambition

Brisbane Grammar School aspires to be the best school for boys in Australia, and an international leader in teaching and learning. The School is committed to offering premium educational and leadership opportunities for boys of all backgrounds, to strengthening its global connections, and to building a vibrant school community among students, parents, staff, Old Boys and the broader society. 

Our Values 

  • Learning

  • Leadership

  • Endeavour

  • Respect​

  • Community

​Our Motto

Nil Sine Labore - Nothing Without Work

​Our Education Philosophy and Major Goals

​The School is committed to a liberal education philosophy. Our major goals for each boy are: 

  • to develop attitudes, skills, and a base of knowledge as a foundation for critical intelligence, imaginative and creative powers, effective communication and the capacity and enthusiasm for independent, life-long learning

  • to develop and extend personal character and talents

  • to develop a strong sense of service, community, leadership and loyalty to others 

To achieve these goals, the School seeks to provide:

  • a broad and balanced academic curriculum in which each boy is challenged to do his best

  • highly competent teaching staff who are committed to the School's purpose

  • a disciplined and supportive environment for learning

  • a broad program of cultural, intellectual, sporting and other outdoor activities

  • sporting activities where boys are encouraged to strive vigorously for success, but always within the finest traditions of sportsmanship

The School is committed to the personal and social development of each boy. It recognises that education is a responsibility shared between the School and the home and promotes effective communication between the School and the family.