Academic Updates

​BGS remains open and operating, but the current environment means things are different. Read the School's update about COVID-19 providing specific details of the learning schedule and student expectations for delivery of the curriculum online for the rest of Term 1: COVID-19 Update from the Headmaster - 25 March 2020.

More information pertaining to the delivery of the curriculum is available here: COVID-19 Update from the Headmaster - 20 March 2020.

Deputy Headmaster – Teaching and Learning Steve Uscinski has created a video to assist parents and students navigate the online mode of delivery​. Watch below.


​​​​BGS Curriculum Continuity Plan

The School is committed to continuing the delivery of the academic curriculum in these uncertain times.

The outline below provides information on studying from home.

What studying from home will mean for students:

  • Your son(s) learning will continue to be supported by BGS.
  • All necessary curriculum materials and directions will be accessible online.
  • Regular check-ins and Q&A opportunities with teachers will be available.
  • Student learning will be more self-directed, but still supported by the School.
  • Students will be expected to maintain regular study times each day.

​How BGS will deliver the curriculum and enable students to connect:

  • MyClasses (Canvas) will continue to provide curriculum resources, instructions and assessment specific for each subject, by year level.
  • Teams will continue to connect students and teachers at the class level and provide a conversation (chat) facility for questions and discussion.
  • Students will continue to study, revise and complete set school work in OneNote.
  • Many subjects already use good online resources, such as Mathspace and  Cambridge login accounts, to which students will be directed.
  • If students experience issues with their tablets, mobile apps for Teams and OneNote are available so that engagement and learning can continue.

​What students can do in preparation for studying from home:

  • Take their tablet, pen, mouse and charger home each night.
  • Check MyGrammar, class Teams and email at least twice each day.
  • In case of an internet outage, use a mobile hotspot or work offline in OneNote.

​What parents can do to assist with studying from home:

  • Check your son can access Canvas, Teams and OneNote from home and knows what he is working on each day.
  • Ensure he has a quiet study space set up at home with access to Wifi.
  • Remind your son to check his email and class Teams regularly for updates.
  • Encourage him to minimise distractions and to focus on one subject area and one task at a time.
  • If he is unable to make progress in a topic, he should seek clarification via a Teams message or email to his teacher and then move on to other study.
  • Assist your son to develop a study schedule to help organise his time effectively; the assessment calendar will help to prioritise commitments over the next few weeks.

​How assessment will be managed:

  • Assessment is usually timed to be the culmination of a program of learning, such as the end of a unit or a term.
  • In the event of absences, illnesses and unforeseen circumstances that might impact students' learning, the School can adjust the dates and conditions for assessment.
  • The School can also develop comparable assessment instruments so that all students have an opportunity to demonstrate their learning.
  • Assessment methodology might vary by subject, in order to adapt to the new circumstances (whether affecting your son or the School as a whole).
  • Information on variations to assessment methodology for large groups will be provided if BGS needs to close due to COVID-19.
  • All variations to assessment will be fair and reasonable and designed to give students opportunities to demonstrate their learning.
  • Specific advice to students and parents of Year 12 regarding QCAA assessment requirements is available from the Dean of Studies and the Director of Student Services.

Parents interested in an introduction to Teams, please click here.