The Golden Book

​This beautiful book, comprising four leather-bound volumes, is the focal feature of the War Memorial Library.

The volumes contain the names and records of the known 1020 Old Boys who volunteered for service in World War I. Each name and record occupies an entire page, surrounded by an interlacing border of Flanders poppies.

Work on the Golden Book was a labour of love. It was compiled by Stuart Stephenson, Headmaster from 1928-1940. The calligraphy was the work of Old Boy Charles Bennett Fox. The border of poppies was designed by Madge Roe, daughter of Reginald Heber Roe, a former Headmaster of the School.

To capture the exquisite detail in The Golden Book, the scanning process during the digital conversion was performed at very high resolution. Subsequently pages may take some time to load. Please be patient or alternatively choose to download a copy.


* Note * Once you have opened the PDF file, you can click on your Adobe Reader's bookmark icon to show all available bookmarks. Arranged alphabetically according to surname, you can simply scroll down the list and click on the required name to take you to that page in the book.​