Our People

​​​Brisbane Grammar School employs over 200 staff members in the core areas of teaching, administration and ICT, building and grounds, kitchen and cleaning staff. Each member of staff plays a valuable role in enabling the School to deliver on its educational commitment to its students.

At Brisbane Grammar School we believe one of the most important contributions to boys’ education is the quality of the teachers. The School is committed to ensuring that it employs the best teachers available and significant effort is made to attract the best and brightest teachers to the School, to give them man​y opportunities to improve their practice and to contribute to the development of other teachers at the School.

As part of the School’s continuing commitment to education, it provides a significant program of development activities and opportunities to ensure that the teachers at the School are abreast of the latest research into effective, high quality teaching as well as effective and high quality curriculum experiences. These opportunities are provided by a rich array of internal experts as well as attendance at national and international conferences and learning experiences. Teachers from the School regularly present at national and international conferences and the School has developed a significant national and international reputation for the high quality of its work at the cutting edge of cognitive approaches to teaching and learning.

The School has a well developed and methodical research and development strategy which ensures we search the world and capture the best contemporary thinking about education and translate this into effective classroom practice within a community of professional learners.

The teaching culture developed over the years at Brisbane Grammar School is one of approachability, openness, mutual respect and the sense of a shared journey with the boys. When boys graduate in Year 12, it is with both a sense of sadness and excitement we bid them farewell — sadness in that a genuine relationship has been fostered with the boys while they have been in our care (and one that often endures the passage of time) and excitement in the knowledge that we have prepared them the best we can and look forward to what the future holds for them as they further develop and explore their talents and potential to make a positive contribution to our world.​