Boarding News

Whole House Weekends Build Community


Twice a term the boarders gather together for an action packed whole house weekend.  During this period, boys are encouraged to stay in the house for the weekend so that they can participate in an extensive range of activities.  The weekends are the highlight of the activities calendar and something that boys look forward to throughout the term.

Our coordinator of activities plans each weekend carefully, ensuring that the activities on offer will be enjoyed by all boys and suitable for both our youngest boys and senior boarders.  This year, our whole house weekends have included trips to major theme parks, rock climbing excursions, scavenger hunts, movie nights and ice skating.

Boarders are often grouped into teams as they play against each other in competitions ranging from flying paper planes to handball.  The teams are made up of boarders from each year level and they are a great way to promote community and connection across the house.

Without doubt, the highlight of the whole house weekend is the famed House Staff vs. Boarders match up which pits our teachers and tutors against boys in a 'friendly' game of seasonal sport such as cricket or volleyball. The boarders make the most of this rivalry by dressing in costume, wearing face paint, bringing their music to the oval and generally ensuring that the weekend culminates in an atmosphere of humour and good spirit.


Invitation Only!  Morning Tea in Harlin House


In Harlin House we love a good reason to enjoy cake and good company which is why our morning tea visits from day school staff are fast becoming a popular tradition. 

Throughout the year, each year group extends a special invitation to their teachers to attend morning tea in the Boarding House.  This is a fantastic opportunity for boarders to show off their dorm areas, chat about boarding life and meet with their teachers in their 'home'.

Teachers and boarders mingle in the foyer of Harlin House, enjoying delicious treats and discussing all things related to school and boarding life.  For our teachers, this experience provides valuable insight into the world of their boarding students as they can see first-hand where their students live, study and socialise.  For our boarders, the experience is equally important because it affirms the significance of boarding within our wider school community.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meaningfully connect the boys' day school and boarding worlds.  These connections enable each boy to make the most of his time at Brisbane Grammar School.


BGS Boarders in sync with the School's excellent academic results


The results are in and Brisbane Grammar School's 2013 Year 12 boarders have proven that, academically, it really is a great time to be a boarder.

Each of the 16 boarders who graduated last year received an OP between 1-14 with well over half receiving a coveted single digit OP. Nearly 20% of the graduating class of 2013 received an OP 1-5 and one student is part of a larger group of BGS students who were awarded various scholarships to Universities across the country.

These excellent results certainly reflect the culture of academic achievement that flourishes at Brisbane Grammar School.  Boarders, through their engagement in a nightly program of academic enrichment, are in a unique position to capitalise on one of the signature strengths of a BGS education, our academic programme.

On any given week night boarders can be found engaging in meaningful tutorial sessions, guided by a team of expert day school teachers, whose curriculum expertise benefits boarders from year 6 to year 12.  It is common for boys to spend their evening preparation time being ably assisted by one of the senior mathematics, English, humanities or science teachers who each use their day school expertise to extend the boys' night time learning.

A designated coordinator of academic enrichment oversees this nightly program of tuition, which takes place in the optimal learning spaces of the school's Lilley Centre.  Boarders in years 6, 7 and 8 also take part in a nightly Homework Club that further fosters an environment where boarders can achieve their academic best.