Academic Enrichment

Our boarders are taught by experienced and expert teachers during prep time in a program that aligns to the boys' assessment schedules. The key subject areas of Maths, English, and Science are the main focus. Each learning workshop runs for forty minutes and takes place in the fantastically well-resourced Lilley Centre. There are also micro teaching sessions covering, Design Technology, Physics, Economics, Geography, Biology and Senior History.

Boarders in Years 7 to 10 also benefit from the Harlin House Homework Club which takes place each weekday evening from 6.15pm. Qualified teachers supervise and support each boarder in his evening studies providing advice and guidance as needed, whilst benefitting from the resources offered in The Lilley Centre and collaboration areas.

For the most inquisitive of our senior boarding minds, membership of the Harlin House Helios Society extends their cultural and academic experiences. Trips to GoMA, debates at the State Library, theatre workshops at the Brisbane Powerhouse, poetry readings, and excursions to thought-provoking film and discussion sessions are just some of the activities Helios members explore throughout the year.​​