Wellbeing Enrichment

In the boarding community, we nurture young men to be thinking leaders – individuals who demonstrate self-regulation in their thoughts and actions, and become reflective members of our community.

The boarding experience focuses on each boy's needs, and encourages connections within the house and school. We encourage an understanding of healthy living. We equip boarders with life skills and develop their ability to lead in whatever field they pursue.


By engaging in activities, boarders develop a sense of belonging to Harlin House, the School and the wider community. House Family events and competitions, Whole House dinners, and Public Purpose volunteering foster strong, long-term friendships. There is a strong sense of service in the House, with leadership viewed as an opportunity to serve and to give back to the community. Boarders currently volunteer with Rosies - Friends on the Street.

Healthy living

House staff know teenage boys need wholesome food, physical activity, relaxation time and adequate sleep.

The enrichment program equips boys with the knowledge they need to make healthy decisions.


Leadership is a core value at BGS and is especially regarded in Harlin House. Formal leadership roles are most evident in Year 12 although they do exist throughout the year groups. Boarders are challenged to think and act as leaders so they can make the most of leadership opportunities in House, at School and beyond.

Life Skills

Boys of all ages need to develop skills that equip them for life at school and beyond BGS. A customised approach addresses the needs of different age groups and provides a progression of experiences. Life skill activities range from fundamental tasks such as shoe polishing or shirt ironing for the younger boarders, to financial literacy and the ability to write an effective resume for our senior cohort.


In Harlin House we cater for the needs of individuals through a consistent yet customised approach to wellbeing. At the heart of our care model is the House Family or small Tutor Group, each of which is led by one of the Boarding Tutors, that ensures we carefully monitor the progress of each individual. The Director of Boarding, Head of Residence and Senior Boarding Tutor oversee leadership of the various cohorts, supported by the Housemothers and the nurses in the Health Centre. Peer support is equally valued and the Harlin House Prefects and House Family Seniors play a vital part in the role of 'older brother'.​