Welcome to Boarding


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A very warm welcome to Harlin House, Brisbane Grammar School's boarding community. BGS has a proud boarding history and in line with the traditions and values that flow through life here, we run modern, relevant and highly valued boarding programs that engage and sup​port the boys in their BGS​ journey.

Our boarders come from diverse backgrounds, both locally (Brisbane) and afar – from towns and outback properties across provincial and rural Queensland and New South Wales,  to the Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea and overseas.

Harlin House is a seven day a week boarding house, with most boys staying in each weekend. They are kept extremely busy with our carefully tailored programs which include everything from academic and activities enrichment programs to learning life skills.

Our professional and caring h​ouse staff together with our in-house medical centre ensure that our boys are extremely well cared for at a variety of levels.  We all know the boys and parents well and we very much look forward to welcoming you to the Harlin House community.

I encourage you to access the links to the specific offerings that are open to our boarders.

You are also most welcome to contact m​e or our Director of Enrolments, Mr Jamie Smith, for further information.

Berian Williams-Jones

Director of Boarding

T +61 7 3834 5225