$1.34 million donation to Brisbane Grammar School will transform lives

BRISBANE Grammar School (BGS) Old Boy Simon Fenwick believes teaching is one of the most cherished
vocations in society and is donating $1.34 million to BGS to help those less financially able benefit from the same
learning opportunities he received at the school.

Mr Fenwick, who graduated from BGS in 1987 and later from The University of Queensland with degrees in
economics and commerce, is a founding partner of International Value Advisers in New York, and recently
returned home to Australia to live in Sydney.

His transformative donation of $1.34 million to BGS will establish the Fenwick Bursary to support well-rounded
and outstanding indigenous or regional boys who are keen to learn, but lack the financial means to attend the

“Being a slow learner, I finally realised how privileged my background was, including my schooling at BGS and how
it might be helpful to give something back,” Mr Fenwick said.

“I am a third generation of BGS, yet I have daughters, so there will be no fourth. Seeing the opportunities my girls
have been given, helped jog the memory on those chances that were provided to me.”

Mr Fenwick said he looked back on his schooling at BGS fondly, and while he claimed to “never excel at anything”
he made sure to follow the advice frequently offered by his teachers to “give everything a go”.

A recent discussion with Headmaster Anthony Micallef confirmed the significant benefit bursaries provide for
boys with incredible potential, but without the financial capacity to fully realise that promise.

“During a meeting with Mr Micallef in New York last year he gave me the confidence that the school has a vision
for pursuing excellence and yet also broadening access,” Mr Fenwick said.

“BGS, I hope, is a place which will continue to turn out many thinkers and leaders. I always thought the emphasis
on being an all-rounder, something imparted way back from the top British private schools, was crucial to that

Mr Micallef said that the school was very grateful for the generous gift from Simon Fenwick.

“In addition to providing immediate financial assistance for a student in need, the donation will support the
school’s vision to grow the endowment fund to support future generations of students, and help cultivate a wider
culture of ‘giving’ and philanthropy,” Mr Micallef said.

Mr Fenwick’s donation to BGS of $1.34 million will enable Brisbane Grammar School to establish the Fenwick
Bursary, which will cover expenses for one boy’s tuition and boarding at BGS in perpetuity.


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