A student solution

​Year 11 Technology Student Solves Tuckshop Dilemma

Tuckshop shelf 2.jpgWhen volunteers at the Brisbane Grammar School tuckshop finally decided they’d had enough of struggling with packing drink bottles in the fridge, they didn’t have to look far for a solution. They engaged the talents of the BGS Design Technology Department.

Tuckshop assistant convenor Helen Sherington said during a busy day at the tuckshop, the stacking and positioning of drink bottles in the fridge proved a constant challenge. “Bottles fall over and won’t move forward smoothly to the front of the fridge,” she said.

They turned to Head of Design and Technology Jamie Foulger for a solution and he offered the services of Josh Kennedy, the recent Year 11 subject prize winner for Technology Studies, who jumped at the opportunity to assist.

“Analysing and solving problems is core to effective design thinking,” Mr Foulger said. “We are always looking for opportunities to engage our students in legitimate problem solving contexts in Design and Technology. Being approached by the tuckshop staff created an occasion for one of our design students to flex his creative muscle.”

Mr Foulger said through the process Josh had to explore the issue, develop a prototype and test a solution. “His capacity to engage with the process has been truly remarkable and one that he feels is legitimate and purposeful,” he said.

Those benefiting from the new fridge shelf in the tuckshop said the shelf had proved extremely successful and vastly improved the fridge refilling process. Ms Sherington said Josh’s design fulfilled the design brief perfectly. “We have received many positive comments from our volunteers about the improvement,” she said. “Thank you Josh.”

Josh said after the success of the prototype shelving unit he had teamed with fellow Technology student, James Buchanan, to create several more for the tuckshop, once their assessment period had finished. The pair are pictured together in the above and below photos. The design is in use on the shelf they are seen packing below - with the drinks able to be easily packed and slid to the front.

   Tuckshop shelf 1.jpg