Awards Chronicle

To coincide with the publication of Light Dark Blue, celebrating Brisbane Grammar School's sesquicentenary, new lists containing academic prizes, scholarships, captains and champions of sport were created. This Awards Chronicle contains 114 prize lists, with over 6000 entries in a searchable database.

The focus is on Year 12 and each list is based on the current prize as its starting point. Many prizes have changed endowments or conditions over the years and these are noted in the accompanying blurbs. Some prizes were eligible to both Year 11 and Year 12 (Form V and VI), but only Year 12 recipients are on these lists. We hope to expand the lists in the future.

To create this database, each entry was entered manually and while every care was made to ensure the information is accurate, it is possible some inaccuracies may be present. The database will continue to be developed and edited, but if you see an error in the lists or have a query, please email

We hope you enjoy this resource. Please click below and follow the instructions at the top of the page to choose and filter the lists you wish to view.


Note, the chronicle is optimised for desktop viewing.


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