BGS Supports World's Greatest Shave

​​​The BGS community has thrown its support behind the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave campaign throughout March, raising an incredible $27,800 for those impacted by blood cancers.

The Middle School hosted a crazy hat day and mega sweet stall, complementing the main hair shaving and dying event on Thursday March 23. A handful of students raised the $250 required to dye their hair, while almost 10 boys were successful in raising the $500 needed to shave their hair.
In front of a large and enthusiastic crowd it was the Senior School’s turn on Friday March 24, with plenty of students and staff bravely bidding farewell to their hair. Others had their hair dyed a variety of bright colours, while the Year 12 leaders and King G stepped up to have their legs waxed.


​After the $24,000 fundraising target was exceeded Deputy Headmaster David Carroll, Head of Year 7 Sharee Verdon, and Head of Physics Noel Chan had no option but to lose their locks, while Old Boys Association President Stuart Rees had his impressive beard removed.

Thanks to everyo​ne involved in the important campaign, including the Year 11 students organising the campaign.