BGS acquires new land for Outdoor Education Program


​​To support the expanding Outdoor Education Program at Brisbane Grammar School and secure the quality of the program into the future, the School has purchased a 200 acre block of land in the mountainous country on the edge of Lake Moogerah. The property is in a perfect position to link into the School's established program, providing access to Mt Greville, Mt Alford and Mt Moon in the Moogerah Peaks National Park.​​​​

Pulpit Rock 1.jpg

Outdoor education has been running at the School's Pepperina Hill site, situated on Lake Moogerah, for the past 41 years. Over the past six years there has been a significant increase in the number of programs, students and staff utilising the BGS Outdoor Education Centre. Outdoor education is a significant experience within the Student Wellbeing Development Plan. It is recognised as a key area to prepare students for the pressures of Senior School and assessment, while shaping the students values towards the forming of a Grammar Man and BGS graduate.

The acquisition of this unique and exceptional piece of land will provide the Outdoor Education Program with campsites, rock climbing and remote wilderness bushwalking. There has been limited grazing on the property, leaving it in a pristine and beautiful natural condition. Campsites will be developed in contrasting settings, including open country, natural canopy and exposed ridges with wonderful views over the lake and west towards the Great Dividing Range.

​The site also contains a local landmark known as Pulpit Rock, a volcanic plug positioned in the south-western corner of the property. There is a strong history of rock climbing on the crag with first known ascents in circa 1960.

Pulpit Rock 2.jpg

This property will allow the senior Outdoor Education Program to focus on the values of inquiry and virtues of the 'effective thinking culture' through the development of activities in this untouched landscape. The boys will be able to undertake student led navigation and to explore the site without the concerns of livestock or private property.

The first stage of development on the site will be on repairs, maintenance and creating suitable campsites and walking trails. The second stage will involve constructing emergency shelters at the campsites and to prepare the rock climbing sites for student use.

Initially the property will be included in the Years 9 and 10 Outdoor Education Program for use as a remote wilderness campsite en-route to bushwalking destinations. Further development will evolve on the property with exciting prospects for additional outdoor pursuits and activities for the programs.

​The Moogerah Committee, a branch of the P&F, lend their time one weekend a year to assist with maintenance and projects at Pepperina Hill. In the coming years the committee will be seeking new members to contribute in this exciting venture to assist in the development of Pulpit Rock.

Pulpit Rock 3.jpg

The School also​ announces that there are renovations planned in 2018 for the dormitory and store rooms at Pepperina Hill. Although the buildings have provided a fantastic space for students and teachers in the past, they are in need of upgrading and refurbishment. The focus for the renovations are:​

Increase capacity to allow comfortable conditions for a full class of visiting students and teachers.

  • Provide storage space for students' personal equipment and luggage.

  • I​ncrease the area for equipment storage, social space and wet weather options.

  • Ensure the building satisfies the current building code.

  • Once completed the students will be housed more comfortably during their stay at Pepperina Hill and there will be more functional space for the boys and staff to manage equipment, luggage, free time and wet weather.

These two announcements are wonderful examples of BGS' commitment not only to academic objectives but also students' social and emotional development and wellbeing into the future.​​