Boarding at BGS - Following in Dad's Footsteps


​​For Beef Australia chair and Angus Pastoral company owner Blair Angus, sending his sons to board at Brisbane Grammar School has opened their eyes to the wider world – and that's good for business.

Old Boy Blair '83 said his boarding experience “shaped me for what I am and the boys have experienced similar grow​th. Boarding at Brisbane Grammar they get to meet a diverse range of people from all over the world, and it's been good for them."

As the Angus brand has grown to encompass four Queensland cattle properties and its own Signature Beef marketing company, Blair said their business, which is based near Clermont, is far from isolated.

“We're in the country, but with the internet the world has become a much smaller place. We have customers in 30 countries around the world and it's good for the boys to get an appreciation of that."

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Above: Harlin House Vice Captain Hugh Reiser from Eidsvold and David Angus from Clermont​.

​​​​Younger son, Year 12 BGS boarder David Angus said studying in the city is a stepping stone to returning to the family property Kimberley, working alongside his parents and three older siblings.

“I'm inspired to undertake a business or marketing degree in Brisbane and then use those degrees in my family company. I hope to play a big role in the company one day."

Even while studying, David manages to keep across rural issues, actively joining with his family to voice his concerns to government about recent land clearing laws.

David said he's happy he followed in Blair and older brother John's footsteps and boarded at BGS. “It's been a very special opportunity. It's allowed me to establish friendships with great people from all around the world that I know will last a lifetime.

David, who started at BGS in Year 8, said the sporting opportunities have been a highlight. “I've tried to participate in a range of sports and activities, including rugby, rowing, cricket, track and field and debating," he said. “I think anyone would definitely enjoy their time at BGS. The school has a great community and a great reputation, and it can be demanding academically but the outcomes are extremely beneficial."

Blair graduated from Brisbane Grammar School in 1983, but he laughs when asked if David's graduation is an end of an era for the Angus family.

“They might have kids that go to BGS. This could be the start of a legacy."

Meet Brisbane Grammar School Director of Boarding Berian Williams-Jones during Beef Week on Wednesday 9 May from 2-4pm at the Walter Pierce Pavilion, Rockhampton show grounds, or contact him at​