Favourite BGS sporting memories

​​​​With excitement building ahead of the BGS150 Sports Lunch on Friday 7 September we are calling for your favourite BGS sporting memories. Join the conversation on the BGS social media pages and hashtag #BGS150Sport. Comments will be published below. Be sure to book your place at the major event here or click on the image above.

​Tim Hudson: BGS Fourth XI 1984 cricket premiers under coach Greg Martin!​

Kim Wealands: The Neil Girdham inspired era when our AFL teams won multiple premierships over a short 4 year reign. 🏆🏆🏆🏆

​Oscar Higgins: BGS 1st XV victory vs NC 2012 at Jack Ross Oval. Bloody good day for rugby​.

Jennifer Ann: I’m sure there will be stories aplenty of winning in the Firsts for rugby and other fine achievements. Don’t forget though to include the fun days in the lower grades where the boys were playing and having fun just being healthy and being good sports. Those boys went on to be high achievers in their chosen fields too.

Anne Hewitt: 6x50m freestyle relay 5 years winning streak and GPS record each year.

David Logan: Bowman Cup 1976.

Robert Neilson: The 1971 last game of the rugby season. First XV final, BGS v NC at NC. Both sides undefeated. Moments before full time the NC #8 (Mark Loane) storms down field, BGS give away a penalty, NC 5/8 (Paul McLean) kicks it and NC win by... just that much. BGS captained by Mark Oberhardt. The 1972 First XV went through undefeated and 5 in the run-on 15 in the Australian Schoolboys team that toured UK and Ireland. Next greatest team was 2012, defeating NC at NC. And then there was the BGS domination of rowing in the late '70s, early '80s. Produced a few Olympians. The tennis teams that produced Emerson, Masters, Kratzmann, the Fancutts etc. The recent domination of volleyball... and too many individual accomplishments to mention.​

Paul Allan: Never been done till '81. Three in a row Head of the River.

Dominic Beirne: Ditto that, my first year at Grammar and my first experience of rowing was in the tubs that year. Bloody great fun and what a Head of the River it was (in '81).

Nic Darveniza: 2012 First XV Premiership over Nudgee College on Ross Oval is the only correct answer. Fighting back from a deep hole as the biggest of underdogs to snap a 20-year drought might even be the greatest moment in GPS sporting history.

Kevin Harker: Training with Noddy Xavier on the Boarders' Lawn every night. Simple times and such a great guy!

Dave Murphy: 1994 First XI soccer (football) 4-1 v Nudgee.