From the Board of Trustees



Dear BGS Community,

Following a decision by the Board of Trustees, the name of the former Headmaster Dr Max Howell has been removed from the School’s Indoor Sports Centre.

Many victims have raised this as a significant issue for them.

The Board has discussed this issue with the Howell family who support the decision. The Howell family said of Dr Howell:

“He would have acknowledged the fact that the appalling abuse committed by Kevin Lynch occurred during his tenure as Headmaster and would have apologised to the victims. He would have accepted that as the Headmaster he was ultimately responsible for the disgraceful actions of one of his staff”.

Chairman of the Board Howard Stack said: “From our discussions with victims, we believe the removal of the name is fundamental to the School’s apology to them.”

The Board and the Howell family hope that this decision will be an important part of the healing process for those abused by Lynch.

What Kevin Lynch did continues to have devastating consequences for so many and we reiterate our apology to those who have suffered.

Brisbane Grammar School is continuing to engage with victims with a personal apology, counselling and compensation, an approach it has adopted since June 2000, mirroring the recommended approach of the Royal Commission.

Since 2000 we have reached agreements with 72 men, with payments on average in line with the Royal Commission’s recommendations.

We are now working with those who have recently come forward and we will meet our obligations to them.

Board of Trustees
Brisbane Grammar School