Happy New Year from the Headmaster

Grounds staff prepare for 2016.jpgI wish the Brisbane Grammar School community a happy new year, and welcome our new students and parents, along with those returning for what promises to be an exciting year in 2016. The start of the school year reminds me why I work in education. It’s always wonderful to hear the chatter of students as they catch up with old friends and introduce themselves to new people.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share the academic results of the BGS 2015 graduates, who set new benchmarks for consistency and opened doors of opportunity at home and abroad.

A total of 39 students, or more than 15% of the cohort, achieved an OP1 or Tertiary Entrance Rank of 99. This number increases to 64 OP1 equivalent students (25% of the cohort), when combined with students who scored bonus ranks. Our OP1 and OP2 students combined to make up 29% of the cohort.

It was between OP1 and OP7 where the 2015 graduates set a new historical record, with an incredible 72% achieving results of OP7 or better. This is up more than 10% on the BGS average, and significantly more than double the state average. The 2015 cohort also set a new benchmark for OP1 to OP13, with almost 95%.

The percentage of students in the OP1 to OP15 range was 98%, and the median score was OP5, just outside the historic high of 2014. The diagram below represents the 2015 Senior cohort results compared against the BGS historical average for each benchmark and the State outcome for 2015.

Academic_Achievements_2015_graph (2).jpg
On another note, last year BGS commissioned an independent, confidential ‘experience’ survey of prospective parents and current parents, as part of the School’s commitment to continually monitor and improve the quality of education we provide. The surveys were extremely extensive and covered 300 aspects relating to education at the School.

BGS compared more than favourably to other top performing schools, with 80% considered a high achieving mark in key areas. Scores of 80% and above are indicators of strong performance and translates to high advocacy and school of first choice status.

Looking at the results overall it was revealed that current parents’ expectations were being exceeded across a large number of key areas. From academic standards and a balanced challenging education (both 96%) to school reputation (98%), school values (97%) and focus on student wellbeing (94%), the results were very pleasing. BGS consistently scored over 90%, with social and cultural diversity (96%) and facilities and resources (98%) two other of the many well received facets of the School.

As a school we were delighted with the survey findings, but they also highlighted areas which require development. This includes our ability to reach prospective parents and better inform them about our offerings, in particular information about the School’s performing arts and outdoor education programs.

BGS aspires to be the best school for boys in Australia, and an international leader in teaching and learning. We are committed to offering premium educational and leadership opportunities for boys of all backgrounds. The feedback received assists the School to make decisions that build a more vibrant school community, making the School a child-safe and child-friendly place for its members.

Before we completely leave last year behind, I wanted to draw your attention to the summer 2015 edition of grammar news. The hard copies have been mailed out to the community, but it is also available electronically here.

Our latest edition (accessible below) focuses on volunteerism and highlights some of the incredible work of BGS volunteers. From our students and parents, ​to our Old Boys, Board of Trustees, and many others in between, the School owes much to volunteers. The magazine takes you around the world as our students further entrench themselves as global citizens. Other stories will connect you with our alumni at home and abroad, discuss our innovative teaching, and take a historical look at Science at the School.

Anthony Micallef

        SUMMER ​EDITION 2015​


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