International Women’s Day Celebrated at BGS

​​All female Middle School staff members were given flowers by students during a special International Women's Day presentation at Middle School assembly today. The flowers represented the boys' appreciation and gratitude for their teachers' hard work and dedication at BGS.

The initiative was part of the Year 8 Learn2Lead Program, with 8F focusing on celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women through International Women's Day. Over the past few weeks, the 8F Class Captains led activities focusing on the 2017 hashtag: Be Bold for Change.

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During the assembly Year 8 students Brian Wakista and Charlie Hume delivered fantastic speeches they co-wrote, highlighting how far women have come in their push for equality, and what BGS students can do in their own lives to help overcome gender inequality that continues today.

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The pair shared the story of Eleanor Bourne (1878-1957), the first Queensland woman admitted to study medicine. Bourne achieved this with the help of the BGS Trustees who awarded her a scholarship to study Latin at BGS. She passed the 1896 senior exam with distinction, winning two gold medals for academic achievement.

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Brian and Charlie urged their fellow students to challenge gender stereotypes harmful to both women and men, to be respectful to both female and male teachers, and to consider joining the School’s gender equality committee.

The boys’ speeches followed an address by Acting Premier Jackie Trad, which focused on the importance of tackling gender inequality and striving to enable women around the world to reach their full potential. Ms Trad highlighted the important contributions women make to the community, while acknowledging there was still much to do to achieve equality worldwide.

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The Acting Premier commended BGS students for their involvement in International Women's Day, and stressed the importance of both genders working together to tackle the inequality still existing today.