Joon offered place at prestigious UCL

Cho Joon (2).jpgAfter graduating from Brisbane Grammar School last year, Joon Cho has been offered a place to study at University College London, currently ranked the seventh best university in the world. He received an unconditional offer to study a ​statistics, economics and finance degree, set to begin in September this year.​​

The university boasts some incredible alumni, including Mahatma Gandhi, pioneer of the telephone Alexander Bell, Francis Crick who co-discovered the structure of DNA, along with 29 Nobel Prize winners among UCL academics and students. More recent graduates include Christopher Nolan, Ricky Gervais, and Chris Martin, showing the university produces talent across a wide variety of fields. See a more detailed list here.

Joon said he was excited about the opportunity and credited his time at BGS for making it possible. “I wouldn’t have even thought of going to the UK or even getting an OP1 if not for the support I received at school,” he said. “Grammar has helped make me who I am today – through the teachers, the curriculum, and the environment.”

As well as hard work through his seven years at BGS, Joon said the platform for his success in Year 12 was laid right back in his early schooling years. “Grammar gave me a solid foundation from Years 6 to Year 8 and I was able to expand on that,” he said. “For me it was about persistence. My advice for current and future students is that direction is more important than how much work you do.”

Joon said he also benefited from a close group of friends, who pushed each other to improve. “I had a great group of mates and they really helped me,” he said. “We all achieved well and were competitive, but in a good way.”

Pictured: The Wilkins Building and main quadrangle at UCL, located in Central London.

BGS Director of Student Services Dale Nicholas said the UCL entry requirements were challenging, but intended to ensure students enjoyed and coped with the content of their chosen degree. “It is one of the most selective UK institutions with a current QS World University Ranking of seventh in the world,” she said. “The University has an expectation of significant academic achievement at school and in Joon's case his very high achievements in Mathematics B and Mathematics C certainly contributed to his selection, along with his willingness to engage in a complex, multi-layered application process.”

Due to the late start to the UK academic year Joon will first complete a semester of bio medicine at The University of Melbourne, before heading overseas. He paid particular thanks to Student Counsellor Anne Crossan for her assistance with the UK universities application process.