National Close the Gap Day at BGS

​Brisbane Grammar School recognised National Close the Gap Day yesterday with a powerful speech at assembly by Year 9 student and proud Kungarakan man Stephen Baronio. This was followed by the School’s Indigenous boarders performing traditional dances.​

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Stephen spoke to his fellow students about what the term ‘Closing the Gap’ meant to him, and what everyone could do to continue its important role for​ Indigenous peoples. He explained that for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations, life expectancy was estimated to be more than a decade less than the non-Indigenous population.​

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“The health of our disadvantaged Indigenous peoples is one of the main reasons Closing the Gap was first introduced into our urban vocabulary, and in the simplest of terms refers to the gap in life expectancy among these groups,” he said. “Closing the Gap to me is about supporting and actively participating in this cause to bring about change, to help show that by actions we can be seen to be helping make that change.”

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“Here at BGS our Closing the Gap fundraising committee, with the help of students, parents, and staff have chosen to support the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Indigenous Health Support Unit. These funds will support remote families while a loved receives emergency medical care needed while hundreds of kilometres from their homes and communities.”

The Middle School Bake Sale, hosted by the CTG committee and Year 7 community service students, was held at morning tea and lunchtime, with BGS parents answering the call by generously donating a range of cupcakes and slices.

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