New Deputy Chairperson of BGS Board of Trustees appointed

Humphrey.JPGThe Brisbane Grammar School Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Professor John Humphrey has been appointed as the new Deputy Chairperson of the Board and will succeed Mr Howard Stack as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees when he retires later this year.

Professor Humphrey has served on the Board since May 2018 and presently serves on the Finance and Education Committees of the Board.

He brings 30 years' experience as one of Brisbane's most prominent corporate lawyers, including as a director of, and advisor to, many significant public companies. As Executive Dean of the Faculty of Law of Queensland University of Technology, Professor Humphrey has been responsible for the development and leadership of the School of Law, School of Justice and Legal Practice Unit, since January 2013, a position he will relinquish this month.

Professor Humphrey was a boarder during his time at Brisbane Grammar School. He and his son are both Old Boys.

After many years of dedicated service, Dr John Fenwick has stepped down from his role as Deputy Chairperson. He will remain on the Board of Trustees for the remainder of his current term until June 2020.

The Board sincerely thanks Dr Fenwick for his years of devoted service to the Brisbane Grammar School community, and warmly welcomes the new Deputy Chairperson, Professor John Humphrey, to the role.