Oxford opens its doors to Andy

Wang Andy (2).jpgRecent Brisbane Grammar School graduate Andy Wang has been accepted to study at Oxford University – one of the top universities worldwide. He will begin a three-year philosophy, politics and economics course at Oxford University’s Somerville College in October this year, less than a year after graduating from BGS.

Andy said the course captivated his passion for investigating societal and worldly issues, and would allow him to explore and analyse diverse perspectives towards a global society.

BGS Director of Student Services Dale Nicholas called Andy’s acceptance to the “extraordinarily competitive” Oxford University a fine achievement. “Entry involves multiple processes in the application and a challenging, rigorous interview process at the individual college,” she said. “Andy was very proactive in his applications and was very ably assisted by Student Counsellor Anne Crossan.”

Headmaster Anthony Micallef echoed Ms Nicholas’ sentiments, commending Andy for his hard work. “We are extremely proud of Andy’s achievement,” he said. “He is a fine young man who lives the school motto – Nil Sine Labore – nothing without labour.”

Andy paid tribute to BGS for providing him with the environment and education to realise his goal of gaining a place at Oxford. “In many ways the efforts of my five-year journey at BGS distilled into my senior year,” he said. “Being immersed in a culture which values the individuality of every student encouraged me to constantly strive higher, both in academic and extracurricular pursuits.”

Pictured below: Somerville College, Oxford - Main Quad.
Somerville 1.JPG

During his time at BGS Andy said he was able to debate at a national level, play under the baton of Australia’s best conductors, and enjoy the camaraderie of lifelong friends.

“Only with the incredible support I received from the students and staff at BGS was I able to even consider aspiring for one of the world’s most prestigious universities,” he said. “In more ways than I could list, BGS has prepared me well for Oxford by instilling within me an appreciation for academic excellence and interdisciplinary all-roundedness.”

Somerville College boasts some incredible alumni, including two prime ministers, each one the first woman to be prime minister of her country, as well as leading philosophers, distinguished novelists, and Nobel Prize winners.

Pictured below: Somerville College, Oxford - The Library
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