Prefects announced during stirring assembly


SCHOOL captain Alester Fleming has delivered a moving address at assembly this afternoon, challenging his fellow seniors to ask themselves what they can contribute to Grammar.

During the assembly Alester and the rest of the 2015 prefects were announced individually to the school, with many of the students' parents on hand for the occasion.

Following the presentation Alester took to the stand to deliver a speech which was met with a standing ovation, led by the newly anointed prefects, who were joined by the rest of the school in enthusiastic applause.

Alester spoke of the need for every student to collectively "buy in" to maintaining and enhancing Grammar culture. "We are only as strong as our weakest link… In unity there is strength," he said. "We must build on the past, but look to the future."

Prior to Alester's address, Headmaster Anthony Micallef gave a speech of his own, explaining his thoughts on leadership. He said all senior students were leaders, whether they were anointed as prefects or not.

"There are some misconceptions about leadership, and one is that leading is confined to a few," Mr Micallef said. "All can be leaders… It can be the behind the scenes work that can make the most difference."

Mr Micallef encouraged those in the younger years to aspire to be leaders of the future, telling them people aren't necessarily born leaders, but could develop the skills to lead over time.