Statement from Brisbane Grammar School regarding the Royal Commission


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​Statement from Brisbane Grammar School regarding the Royal Commission 

25 September 2015

Brisbane Grammar School fully supports the important work of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and welcomes the announcement of a public hearing in Brisbane from 3 November 2015.

“We have cooperated fully with the Royal Commission and will continue to do so,” said Chairman of the Brisbane Grammar School Board, Mr. Howard Stack.

The Royal Commission has said that the elements of the case study relating to Brisbane Grammar School will focus on:

  • ​​The experience of former students of Brisbane Grammar School in Spring Hill, Queensland;
  • The response of the Board of Trustees, Headmasters and other members of staff of Brisbane Grammar School to complaints about the behaviour of Kevin Lynch, a former school counsellor at Brisbane Grammar School; and
  • The past and current systems, practices, policies and procedures in place at Brisbane Grammar School in relation to raising and responding to concerns and complaints about child sexual abuse.

“Brisbane Grammar School has worked with the victims of Kevin Lynch with care and compassion for more than 15 years and we have unreservedly and publicly apologised to them for what they endured.

“We reiterate that apology today and again encourage anyone who has not yet come forward to do so,” said Mr. Stack.

“Child abuse is abhorrent and goes against everything we stand for at Brisbane Grammar School,” said Headmaster Mr. Anthony Micallef.

“As a school we have and will continue to be open and transparent about these events with our students, our families, our staff and our community. It is the only way forward.”

“The public hearings will provide an important opportunity for those who have suffered pain and hurt to be heard, and we acknowledge their courage in coming forward.”

“We also recognise the Royal Commission’s important work in focussing community awareness on the causes and effects of child sexual abuse.”

“There will be evidence in the upcoming hearing that will be difficult and challenging for us, but it is important we hear these courageous men tell t​heir stories.”

“Brisbane Grammar School is a safe place for all students.”

“We go beyond what governments have now legislated to keep our students safe with comprehensive policies, procedures and strict codes of conduct backed by training of all our staff.”

“Student wellbeing is central to what we do day-by-day, and the evidence revealed by this Royal Commission to date emphasises why that must be so,” said Mr. Micallef. 

Media contact:  Mr. Julian Brophy [0408 276 749] or Ms. Heather Watson [0419 950 027]