Statement from Brisbane Grammar School



9 October 2015


Brisbane Grammar School is continuing to care for the School community as our priority. Counselling has and will continue to be made available to students, staff and our community for as long as is necessary.

We appreciate the support that has been expressed to the school community. 

Again, we extend our sympathy to the Masters’ family. 

Brisbane Grammar School employed Greg Masters in 1994 and since that time the school has received no complaint against him relating to his time at BGS. 

Further, we were not aware of any complaint against him relating to any other institution until Wednesday 7 October at 7pm local time.

At the time of his death he was a registered teacher in Queensland, a process that includes mandatory police background checks.

Having satisfied the stringent requirements of that process, he was able to undertake all and any activities associated with the education of children including teaching, coaching and supervising students.

These are the necessary activities undertaken by any teacher holding Queensland College of Teachers’ registration.

Best practice in child protection, including that endorsed by the Royal Commission when an institution receives a ‘credible allegation’, is to take the individual subject to the complaint off active duty until the validity of the complaint is determined.

This was done.

BGS first became aware of the self-published content of the blog site on Wednesday 7 October 2015 at 7pm local time.

At 7.45pm local time Wednesday 7 October 2015 Mr Masters was advised of the blog site, he agreed he would not attend work on Thursday, and was offered leave to access legal and counselling services with the School’s assistance.

This was done in compliance with best practice in child protection, and to provide procedural fairness.

BGS reiterates our call yesterday for any person with any allegation to report that formally to the police for investigation.

Despite the absence of any complaint against Mr Masters in relation to his time at BGS, we are undertaking our own inquiries and are also cooperating with the Queensland Police Service.


Media Contact: Mr Julian Brophy (0408 276 749) or Ms Heather Watson (0419 950 027).