Grammar eNews | July 2017 | Headmasters Message

​​​​​​HM172img.jpg​​​From Brisbane Grammar School's first cohort of graduates almost 150 years ago to our graduates over the past decade, BGS Old Boys have quickly moved to translate their achievements in school classrooms to success outside the school gates as young adults. This edition of grammar news focuses on our young BGS alumni, Old Boys who are achieving a great deal in various fields in Australia and abroad.

Preparing students for life after school is an important part of the BGS journey, as shown in the story on page 22 on future pathway planning. This story follows a feature showcasing the history of BGS graduates' university destinations on page 20.​​

The aspirational nature of our young alumni was evident in the School's early years. With no local university until UQ opened its doors in 1911, many of our graduates looked further afield for their higher education. In this story we highlight BGS Old Boy Ronald Miller Rice, who graduated in 1908, to become a distinguished linguist in the British Foreign Office. I found it quite incredible that Rice studied Arabic, Persian, Russian and Turkish at Cambridge, after gaining his place by passing exams in French, Italian, German, Latin and Greek.

Other young alumni stories featured in this edition include: a story on identical twin Old Boys with formidable tech careers (page 25); an Old Boy embarking on a career with the Australian Defence Force Academy (page 24); an Old Boy selected as the BGS Art Show 2017 feature artist (page 34); and three Old Boys being awarded prestigious scholarships to universities in Asia as part of our Destinations section (page 19).​

​​Tw​​​o other key stories in this edition of grammar news focus on the opening of the School's new state-of-the-art tennis centre and the acquisition of a 200 acre block of land on the edge of Lake Moogerah (pages 12 and 13), which will further enhance the BGS Outdoor Education Program.

Also, we take a close look at more recent graduate outcomes; hear from students who participated in an international leadership summit in America; examine the culture of philanthropy at the Schoo​l; and hear from the BGS Old Boys' Association. In the Generations section we profile the Nothlings, a name that stretches back to the great BGS sporting legend Otto Nothling (page 33).​

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Anthony Micallef