Nurturing a 2020 Vision

​​​​​​2020img.jpgNext year represents 150 years since the founding of BGS in 1868 and we have a good reason to celebrate. Throughout our history the School has become a leader in providing an outstanding education, nurturing a diverse population of young men to become thoughtful and confident leaders in our global communities. BGS' emergence as a leading institution has not come by chance. It has taken much wisdom, foresight, thoughtful planning and support from our community to become the school we are today.

​Much of what BGS has achieved has been made possible through the generosity of members of our community who have invested in our boys and their school through volunteerism and philanthropy; including parents, Old Boys and friends of the School. Donations from generations past have helped BGS develop many of the facilities which current boys enjoy, and provided life-changing bursaries for boys in financial need.

The Board of Trustees and the Headmaster have a vision to continue to provide opportunities for some of Queensland's finest students, regardless of socio-economic background. To support this vision they have established a goal to increase the School's Endowment Fund from the current level of $6M to $20M by the end of 2020. Achieving this goal will provide sustainable income to expand fee-assisted access, providing more boys with a life changing opportunity to attend BGS.

The School's 150th celebrations present the BGS Community with a unique opportunity to forge the future. The School has a history of which it can be very proud and this is a bold vision for the School to continue to benefit future generations of students.

This fundraising campaign to increase the Endowment Fund to $20M by 2020 is one of the most ambitious in the School's history. In June the P&F Auxiliary of 2017 announced a pledge of $500,000 over five years, which will fund a 50% bursary in perpetuity. In addition, BGS Chairman Howard Stack has initiated a year group bursary program as part of the campaign, with the 1962, 1963, 1969, 2000 and 2017 year groups so far pledging more than $360,000. We would like to extend our gratitude to the P&F Auxiliary, Old Boys, parents and students who have generously committed funds to the campaign. These donations help to grow and embed the culture of philanthropy within our community.