The Grammarian | OCTOBER 2016: Message from OBA President



It has been my pleasure to have been the Brisbane Grammar School Old Boys' Association President during the past six months. The highlight was the recent Annual Reunion Dinner where alumni had the opportunity to get together to pay tribute to fellow Old Boy and former teacher Alec Evans '57. Alec had a positive impact upon many students during the 60s through to the 80s. It was our great pleasure to celebrate his achievements with Old Boys and his family. The dinner was well attended with approximately 320 people​ present.

The sesquicente​nary year of BGS begins in 2018, and the OBA has been represented at planning meetings to assist in recognising this significant milestone. Old Boys should look forward to a very social 2018 where there will be a significant number of opportunities to get back to BGS and be part of the celebrations.

Planning for the 2018 sesquicentenary is one of the activities that has been identified as part of the work your committee has been undertaking in order to produce a strategic plan. This plan will be finalised in October and will guide our efforts over the next three years. The three objectives the plan is structured around are:

  • Build the Old Boy community
  • Engage Old Boys with the school community
  • Support and promote BGS within the community​

The Brisbane Grammarians Rowing Club has been a wonderful example where around 50 Old Boys gather together regularly to train and compete in the Masters rowing circuit. The Club recently acquired their fourth Eight and now has a significant fleet across a range of boat types. This successful initiative has been supported by the OBA and I encourage other members to consider creating other interest groups that will bring BGS Old Boys together.

The OBA continues to engage strongly with BGS and the School community in ways that benefit both the School and the members of the OBA. We are endeavoring to blend social activities and interest groups with support programs, such as bursaries and professional networking, as well as a number of activities that recognise excellence in Old Boys and in teaching. I welcome your feedback and look forward to seeing you at future Old Boy or BGS events. Feel free to contact me with your feedback or ideas at​

We hope you will take a few moments to respond to our survey regarding the Annual Reunion Dinner.

​Christopher Austin
Old Boys' Association President​